Tuesday, April 2, 2013

YA - Samantha Combs

You all know how I've been raving about the new raft of excellent YA authors out there. Just found another one!

Welcome to my blog, Samantha.

1. I notice you write horror as well as YA paranormal. Have you tried your hand at any other genres?

I started my publishing career writing sweet YA.  The horror thing just happened organically, drawing from my love of the supernatural and the unexplained coupled with my devotion to anything Stephen King.  When I am in the middle of a YA and struggling to find an arc, I write short horror stories to take my mind off the work-in-progress.  They work a lot like stress-relievers!

2. Do your surroundings (where you live) feature in any of your books?

Yes, and sometimes with me even realizing it!  My first book, Spellbound, I purposely set in a state where I once visited a boyfriend, New Hampshire.  The original thinking was to set it as far away from Forks, and Twilight-land as possible.  The I realized the sleepy, slow pace of the state was the perfect foil for my energized and dramatic witch family.  When I wrote Waterdancer, I set it in a made up beach community, but anyone with a discerning eye would uncover my hometown of Del Mar, California.

3. What are you writing at the moment?

I am in the middle of my first foray into the emerging genre of New Adult.  With my current Work-in-Progress, titled Wingspan, I am exploring issues I’ve never visited before, doing sex scenes (gasp!) and government conspiracies and I’ve even thrown in a crazy car chase on a narrow mountain road.  Centered around a government cover-up and elimination targeting of one group, in my case, redheads, I have jumped headlong into the new genre and am delighted to find I feel very comfortable here.  There is a freeing feeling writing for older twenty-somethings when you have been used to the morale restrictions writing for YA can create.  Look for Wingspan I hope in 2013!

My new book – THE DEADLIES

When Calliope Flood catches the unwanted attention of prettiest and most privileged girls at her new school, she learns they are possessed of more than just good ole’ Southern charm; they are also possessed by the demons of the Seven Deadly Sins.

Whether she likes it or not, the Ravens want the pretty new girl to become one of their members.  Their club is so secret, only a select few know their truth.  As a budding journalist, Callie is more interested in investigating them than joining them.  When people begin to disappear, she soon discovers the Ravens aren’t just interested in her for her looks; slowly, she learns she’s a legacy.  Calliope enlists her eccentric Aunt, her new friends, and a quietly disarming Southern boy to form their own group, The Virtues, to free the girls, and the town, from the demons that have taken over their lives.

Samantha Combs, Author
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