Thursday, December 30, 2010

End of 2010

So we are coming to the end of another decade. As usual, it's been a decade with as many ups and downs as there are human conditions on the globe.

Our biggest worry here in Queensland are the unprecedented floods, the hugest in over 50 years. Two whole towns have been evacuated, it is that serious. When a river climbs to eight metres over its usual height, that's incredible. And for the people, the heartbreak must be the sort that takes your heart and screws it in your chest.

Man's inhumanity to man continues as usual. And also Man's inhumanity to animals. But every now and then I hear a teenager on the TV make a profound and interesting statement and I think, 'There's hope for us all yet.' Not enough credit is given to the intelligent, giving youths who will form the vanguard of the future. Way too much attention is paid to the little ferals who masquerade as 'children.' Well, they're children when they face a judge, but they were adults last week when they bashed a homeless man.

And so as to remember the beauty we have if we look for it, I've attached a shot of New Zealand stag, staring into the distance. He can see what we can't.

A happy New Year to all. Make it a good one.