Wednesday, February 15, 2012


LOST IN THE BAYOU is published by Musa Publishing. At the risk of sounding over the top, I have to say that this YA novel is AHMAZING. Mean it. I don't read a lot of YA, but the premise of this book hooked me. Just look at the reviews on its Amazon page. Cornell deVille holds the reader until the last page.

Robin and Andy's parents have disappeared - probably in a plane crash. Child Services contact their Uncle Conrad, their only relative, to come and look after them. Uncle Conrad is something else. He has a hook for a hand and he wants them dead so he can take over the family assets. He's also crazy. He relates every circumstance in his life to episodes of The Lone Ranger.

To a background of sixties music, deVille draws out the tension from Robin's point of view; her imagination runs riot and so does the reader's. The novel contains gruesomeness, pathos and fear.

When the kids escape to the Bayou, the terror ratchets up. Well, alligators, a weird tribe hiding in the swamps...I defy any reader from 9-16 to put this book down once they've started it. Oh, and many a reader well past that age.

You can look at it here:


It's a mere $3.99 to download.

While you're at it, don't forget to have a look at The Second Son, my Regency under the Clio historical brand from Musa. Find it here:


It got a stunning 5 star review on Amazon.

This link will take you to the site of the blog hop where you can have a look at a number of Musa's books - all genres.


NOW, sweeties, if you respond to this blog post with something REALLY UNUSUAL, you'll win a free download of THE SECOND SON. See further down this site for details of the story. By unusual comments, I am looking for something different - not the usual old "nice cover" or whatever. Say something about Lost in the Bayou or about The Second Son, but say something new.

Friday, February 3, 2012

Mr. Monfort's Marriage

A couple of people have asked for the book cover of MMM. I've had a bit of trouble uploading it. Here's hoping it works this time because it's a great cover.

Okay, finally worked. Here you are Cynthia and Anna!


What is MMM you say? Why, it's Mr. Monfort's Marriage, of course. My latest Regency Historical from Musa Publishing. And Annie is my editor so of course I watched my p's and q's on her blogsite.

Matthew Monfort is a middle class businessman. I don't do Regency rakes. The writing world is full of them. Okay, sure, there's nobody like a rake for making the heart go pitty-pat. But I like my heroes to be just that--heroes. Not known for what they are worth or their lineage, but known for what they've achieved. And Matthew Monfort has achieved much. He's also just achieved a wife, much to his annoyance. A wife from the Upper Ten Thousand, the useless strata of society that makes him grind his teeth. His father landed him in this fix. Uh huh. Verity is sweet...and intelligent...and kind...and tough...but she needn't think she's going to win him over. No.

Got a lot to learn, hasn't he?

Here's the link to Annie's blogsite: