Saturday, September 4, 2010

First Post

So I'm new at this. That's obvious since this is my first post. I'm part of the Robert Hale Ltd blog too but that's as far as my attempts at blogging go. Sure, I blog on other people's blogs but this own-your-own so your name is up there so get-it-right is a first. So bear with me.

This won't be a blog full of personal stuff. I'm sure you don't care what I had for breakfast and I sure as heck don't care what you had.

I'm hoping it will be more of a place for readers and writers to go to hear what's happening in the world today - not necessarily just my world, but the writing and reading world generally.

But at the moment, it's enough that I have opened a blog. Today's work for me is to search yet again for an agent or editor (preferably both) for my latest romantic suspense TRUST IN TIME.

Next blog I'll tell you all about TRUST IN TIME, but in the meantime, I think I've pushed my luck enough, just getting this up and running!